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12 december 2010

In the December edition "Przyjaciel Pies" (www.pies.pl) published an interview with me under the title "Little Wizard" about my beloved breed King Charles Spaniel. Thank you very much editorial "Przyjaciel Pies"  for his decision to describe this wonderful breed and Mrs. Anna Redlicka for thinking of us and our kennel. All Charlie fans and people who just think about this breed, I strongly encourage you to read an interview in which I could share my experience on Charlies. And what is the King Charles Spaniel best summed up by Anna Redlicka written in the preface to the interview:
"Conscious of his dignity, aristocrat, king charles spaniel could afford to the various whims. But he relies on good manners. Its discreet presence and sense of humor ensure a harmonious life with the owner. When he sees the sadness in the eyes of his owner, He can also draw attention to themselves, urging to have fun and tender hugs., then in a moment
spell bad mood. In short, the same sweetness and gentle angel. "


About our Charlies you could read this year also in the Czech journal kynological "Svět dog" which was written about the wonderful success of our Jewela Rubinowy Skarb (BOB, res. BIS) at the club show in Prohunicach (Czech ), which reported a record number of Charlies in the history of this breed in the Czech. Thank you Hana Novakova for nice article.



Pictures of our dogs decorate also two Czech calendars

Photos of our Champions also posted in the American publication dedicated to our breed  "English Toy Spaniel Champions 2007-2009" and showing up in Finland, the quarterly "KingCalle.


11 december 2010 

We got more beautiful pictures of dogs from our kennel. We thank the owners for thinking of us and the wonderful care of their pets.

Lady Luana Rubinowy Skarb


Tobby Rubinowy Skarb


Nemo Rubinowy Skarb


Indiana Jones Rubinowy Skarb


Lul Rubinowy Skarb

11 december 2010 

National show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (Poland) - judge: Wiesław Boryczko (Poland)

At show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki we  showed 3 our Charlies. Here are their results:

14 november 2010 

International show in Kielce (Poland) - judge: Dorota Ząbek (Poland)


INT CH Vidor King de la Bacska - CAC, CACIB, BOB


Show in Kielce, the last international show in Poland in 2010, this year it was also an informal celebration of Charlies. This year was reported to Kielce 11 Charlies and show appeared many Polish breeders and lovers of the breed (not just with the reported dogs, but also as spectators). Talking about Charlies lasted practically from the beginning to the end of the exhibition. Thank you for the nice meeting Bianka, Agata with her husband and all others who have spent time on that day at the ring of Charlies.
Show in Kielce is also another successful performance of our Charlies. Best of Breed was our INT CH Vidor King de la Bacska. He also received CAC and CACIB. Vidor is not only a great show dog, but also very deserving dog for our kennel as a stud.
bitches  this day belonged to our JCH EJW'10 Perła Rubinowy Skarb - CAC, CACIB. Our Pearl has only recently entered the "adult" class. At the age of 16 months after only 4 shows in adult classes (including three international shows and one national) has 4 CAC, 2 CACIB (from 2 different countries) and res. CACIB (after Interchampion, so counts as CACIB). We are very proud of our beautiful Pearl.


EJW 10 JCH Perła Rubinowy Skarb - CWC, CACIB



We showed in Kielce, the female imported by us two weeks ago from the UK Cwmtirion She's Too Darn Hot (Carys) won Best Junior in Kielce.


Cwmtirion She's Too Darn Hot - JCAC


In adult classes we showed Marjanienem Queen of Hopes - CWC, res. CACIB and Paddy od Dvou Orechu - CWC, res. CACIB.


JCH Paddy od Dvou Orechu - CWC, res. CACIB


EUW 08, 10 INT CH Marjanienem Queen of Hopes - CWC, res. CACIB


Very nice news came from the owner of Nimfa Rubinowy Skarb. At show in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), she received RUS CAC, CACIB and was BOB. Natalja congratulate another success!


11 november 2010 

We received beautiful pictures of Toby and Selena's Rubinowy Skarb. We thank them for remembering the new owners and wish them a lot of fun with their kiddies.



7 november 2010

International show in Poznań (Poland) - judge: Lyudmila Nikitina (Russia)


Quency Rubinowy Skarb (BOB) and Marjanienem Queen of Hopes (BOS) with judge L. Nikitina

The most important show in Poland is an international show in Poznan, which is awarded the title of Polish Winner. Also this year we have appeared on it with our Charlies. Quency Rubinowy Skarb gave us tremendous joy in Poznan, who at the age of just 14 months at this prestigious show was Best of Breed. Quency also received JCAC, Best Junior and was Junior Winner of Poland 2010. For the fifth time (and the fourth time "running") Best of Breed at this show was a dog living in our kennel (2005, 2008 - Vidor King de la Bacska, 2007, 2009 - Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb, 2010 - Quency Rubinowy Skarb) . Our joy is even greater that Quency is Bursztyn's son and grandson of Vidor, ie Breed winners at this show in previous years.
In adult classes Polish Winner 2010 were: INT CH EUW 08, 10 Marjanienem Queen of Hopes and INT CH EUW 10
Ivory Rubinowy Skarb. we also showed INT CH Bursztyn Ruby Treasure - CWC, res. CACIB.


6 november 2010

International show in Poznań (Poland) - judge: Janusz Opara (Poland)


Hope (BOB) and Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb (BOS) with judge Janusz Opara


Show in Poznan is another wonderful performance of our dogs. All dogs that we showed great and got beautiful descriptions. Continuing her good run INT CH EUW 08, 10 Marjanienem Queen of Hopes was BOB , and INT CH Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb was BOS. Best Junior was  JCH Paddy z Dvou Orechu. He also received JCAC and became Polish Junior Champion. We also showed JCH Bena z Roshentalu - CAC, res. CACIB, and JCH EJW'10 Perła Rubinowy Skarb - CWC, res. CACIB


29 october - 2 november 2010 

Jewel Rubinowy Skarb came to Great Britain

Jewel Rubinowy Skarb already won the hearts of the little puppy, not only ours, but also by many other breeders and lovers of the breed. From the best breeders have heard repeatedly that, as indicated by its true name is "crown jewel" and Charlies, such as he is not much around the world. Many times, by several British breeders, we were asked to loan it to their country. Since Jewel has recently completed a Interchampion, in Poland there are no females with which we could fully exploit its potential for breeding, we decided on the loan to Britain. Jewel will live year in well-known and highly regarded welsh kennel of Charlies led by Rita Lloyd. Dogs from the kennel CWMHAF not once reached for the highest laurels in Charlies: Best of Breed and Best of Opossite Sex at Cruft. Jewel trip to Britain is our great hope not only of the beautiful puppies after him, but also a great honor and appreciation of our breeding and to confirm that in breed we going in the right direction. King Charles Spaniel is a British breed, are breeders of this country set the tone throughout breed. In this country, is also the largest population of Charlies throughout the world. As already mentioned, Jewel went to Britain for a year. At that time, he will mate with girls in the best of British kennels and I hope that in a year will return to us with an equally beautiful Polish puppies


Meeting with Ritą Lloyd in Hannover (Germany)


New imports Charlies in our kennel

There are new promissing charlies in our kennel : ruby boy and blenheim bitch. Ruby boy - Fantastic de la Bacska -  came to us from France from kennel, which came also our most titled King Charles - Vidor King de la Bacska. Pedigree of Fantastic is good combination of german and french ancestors. In pedigree of Fantastic there are dogs from kennels: Verum Gaudium, des Trois Maillets, de Sorine, Marsward. I hope that Fantastic will be next excellent reproducer in our kennel.


I with Martine Chagnard and Fantastic de la Bacska (ruby) and Fedora de la Bacska (Fedora will go to our friend in Moscow)

Blenheim bitch - Cwmtirion She's Too Darn Hot (Carys at home) - came to us from the UK from Rita Lloyd and S. Pascoe. Her pedigree is a real cream breed (many of them are true "legend"). The blood flows Carys pedigree dogs of the four great kennels: Maibee , Tewith (it is worth mentioning that the grandfather of Carys is Tewith Typoon , wonderful dog, which wins including BOB at the club show in 2005 at a rate of 136 Charlies), Cwmhaf (including Santuzza - BOB Cruft 2005, Mamma Lucia - BOS Cruft 2007, Second Sreet - RCC Cruft 2007) and Loujon (great-grandfather of Carys is the legendary  Loujon Backroad Adventure - the most successful winner of Charlies and the largest number of Best in Show at the shows of all breeds in the history of brred in the U.S.). I hope that the Carys in the future will give us such a wonderful puupies like dogs, whose blood runs in her pedigree. .


I with Ritą Lloyd, Jewelem (b/t),  Carys (bh)

We thank Martine Chagnard and Rita Lloyd for entrusting us with such a promising Charlies. Thank you also for the gifts and pleasant meeting.


International dog show in Hannover (Germany) - judge: Elizabeth Clerc (CH)

We combined journey with show in Hanover. We registered two dogs - Cliff and Perła. Both dogs showed a great:

Perła Rubinowy Skarb - CAC D, CACIB Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis - CAC D, CACIB, BOB

A little sightseeing

In France, we could also save some time to explore the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres. It is a UNESCO World Heritage List, and placed in the most beautiful religious buildings in France. This monumental, the stunning building made a big impression on us. You must see! Stunning stained glass windows, unusual in the temples, the maze on the floor, which most likely was intended for the penitents, who had him go on his knees to get closer to God, a beautiful sculpture and a wonderful sound remain long in our memory.





20 october 2010 

Bitch from litter V - VICTORIA Rubinowy Skarb ended 1 month.


Victoria Rubinowy Skarb


We got pretty photos from owners of Illusion Rubinowy Skarb. Thank you Renata for photos and care of  Illusion.


Illusion Rubinowy Skarb at age 2 years and 7 months



In Moscow bitch from our kennel - Nike for Artmar Rubinowy Skarb went at first lesson in agility. We are proud with  Ludmiła and Nika!!!


Pierwsze kroki Nike for Artmar Rubinowy Skarb w agility


17 october 2010 

National dog show in Zabrze (Poland) - judge: Jakub Kruczek (Poland)

Our dog showed pretty in Zabrze. Best of Breed was Marjanienem Queen of Hopes,  Best Dog - Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb, Best Junior - Ali od Citunky. Ali became also Junior Poland Champion. Another our dogs showed also good. Ben, Paddy and Perła got  good descriptions and CAC PL.


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