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24 july 2005

 On show in Augustow Leos get JCAC, BOB and ... Best Junior in Show II. He became Junior Polish Champion. Mandy get JCAC and BOB.


16 july 2005

 On show in Ukmerge(Lithuania) Leos get JCAC. Fellis get JCAC and became Junior Lithuanian Champion.

10 july 2005

On international show in Warsaw Gabi get excellent I, CAC and .... CACIB, Fellis - JCAC

3 july 2005

The first time we were on dog shows in Estonia. Leos received on the international dog show in Parnu I position and JCAC . The club's (VIII and IX group) show in Tartu also ended with big success . Leos received I position, JCAC, remained best dog, Best of Breed and....... Best Junior in Show I. Leos also became Junior Estonian Champion


26 june 2005

On international show in Krakow Leos got excellent estimation, I position, JCAC and BOB. Fellis received excellent estimation, I position, JCAC. Next day on show in Mariampol(Lithuania)  Leos got excellent estimation, I position, JCAC  and finished Junior Lithuanian Champion, Gabi - CAC and BOS, Fellis - JCAC and BOB

5 june 2005

Fellcita at age 10 month finished Junior Polish Champion. On show in Plock she received excellent estimation, I position, JCAC and BOB.

22 may 2005

In weekend we were showing  our dogs with success on Lithuania and Latvia. In Plunge (Lithuania) Gabi got excellent estimation, I position, CAC and BOS. Fela got excellent, I position, JCAC. Leos on both shows received the  excellent estimation, I position and JCAC.

15 may 2005

Next good shows. On show in Alytus (Lithuania) Leos received excellent estimation, I position and JCAC. On show in Dobre Miasto(Poland) Gabi got excellent estimation, I position, CAC, BOS and BOB. But best our dog was Fela. On both shows she got excellent estimation, I position, JCAC, BOB. In Alytus she got BOG IV. We are pleased with her success. It is her first show in the young class. She ended 9 months several days ago.


10 May 2005
For our kennel it came new french buldog - Pepe. He arrived from the Hungary kennel - Sopianae. He ravished us  construction, character and non-standard colour - white-fawn patches.

8 may 2005 

Our bulldog Gabi Draczyn ended the successful week. She got CAC at show in Bydgoszcz and she became the best bitch. She achieved a bigger success at show in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), where defeating numerous competitors she got  CAC SK, received  best bitch and received the title SLOVAKIA WINNER (VITAZ SLOVENSKA).

23 april 2005 
Our bulldog Leos Gold Vanka  for Palevych Buldogov made debut with big success in the young class. On the club show IX group Opole 2005 Leos remained JUNIOR CLUB WINNER 2005. He occupied the 2nd place in the comparison about BOB beating issued dogs at the champion class . Bitch - Jenvieva Renuar iz Palevych Buldogov  won breed.  It is also our success, because the Leos and Jenvieva have same father - Interchampion Glenlee Night Hawk

24 march 2005

To our house came two wonderful King Charles spaniel - Vidor and Arsene. Dogs arrived from very good of French breed La Bascka. Both dogs have wonderful ancestors. Both they have  the wonderful construction too and Arsene is promising himself sensationally. Many breeders and experts King  Charles was watching him and everyone delighted with his wonderful construction. We are very fortunate, that Mr Chagnard trusted us and he gave so wonderful dog to our hands.             

4 march 2005

We have just received information, that our Gabi in the show ranking 2004 organized by the kennel club in Bialystok got the 4th place in  juniors' category.

23 january 2005


Big success!

New dog show season began magnificently. On exhibition in Kaunas (Lithuania) we put out Gabi, Leos and Mandy.
Gabi received excellent opinion, I place in open class, CAC and she became Best Bitch  She defeated even Multichampion.
Leos estimated judge perfectly also. What is more judge affirmed that he had  big career in dog shows in the future. Tamara Sarmont (Belorus) judged french buldogs.
Mandy aroused however the largest admiration. Judge Ligita Zake (Latvia) was spell-bound it is splendid building, especially head. Though Mandy she finished recently 6 months judge  affirmed that dog was perfect and in future with certainty will treat successes.


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