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19 august 2007


Leos Gold Vanka for Palevyh Buldogov - Best of Group III

Next show and next big success our french buldog Leos. At show in Rzeszow Leos got CAC and Best of Breed, later in finals judged by Adama Ostrowskiego  was at third place in Best of Group(BOG III). We are very happy from his success.


Our charlies also showed very nice. Our charlies from litter "B" - Brylant Rubinowy Skarb and Bloom Rubinowy Skarb was shown first time in adult classes. Both got CAC. Best of Breed was Brylant


Brylant Rubinowy Skarb - CAC, Best Female, Best of Breed

12 august 2007

Interchampion Leos Gold Vanka for Palevyh Buldogov

At international show in Sopot(Poland) our french buldog Leos got CAC and CACIB. Leos became in this way Interchampion. Our charlies also showed very nice. Best of Breed was  Arsene. Arsene and Hope got CAC and CACIB. Victor was Best Puppy.


05 august 2007

Leos Gold Vanka for Palevyh Buldogov

Best of Group I and Best in Show VI

Show in Legnica it was a great success our dog french buldog Leos. Leos was judged by Olga Dolejsova. She gave him Best of Breed  and later in finals first place in Best of Group. In last comparision for best dog in show judged by Petr Rehanek and he got VI place in Best in Show.

Leos's son - Bartus Wyrwidab Bezowe Brzdace also showed very nice. He got Junior CAC and ended Junior Champion Poland. Congratulations for his breeder and owner


Junior Champion Poland Bartuś Wyrwidąb Beżowe Brzdące, our Leos's son

This show was also more successsful for another our dogs. Our french buldog Ariel got Junior CAC. In charlies Hope was Best of Breed, Bella Rubinowy Skarb got Junior CAC. Victor got very promissing estimation and became Best Puppy.


Othmese Celtic Victory - Best Puppy

05 august 2007

Pretty tricolour dog Bonitos Companeros Deluxe Adonis at Rubinowy Skarb(Cliff) came to our kennel. Cliff is co-owner with us and german kennel Bonitos Companeros . In his pedigree there is blood from famous kennel as Rossbony, Maibee, Tudorhurst, Cofton. We are thankful Markus Kirschbaum and Klaus Vorderstraße from kennel Bonitos Companeros fro great trust.

03-04 august 2007

We were at international shows in Palanga(Lithuania). Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb was the best our dog. He was shown only in one day, got Junior CAC and became Best of Breed. Bursztyn ended too Junior Champion Lithuania and Junior Baltic Champion. Our bitch Marjanienem Queen of Hope was shown also nice. She got CAC and res. CACIB. Hope ended too Champion Lithuania and Baltic Champion.

29 july 2007

Our Cezar at age near 12 months  ended Junior Champion Poland. At show in Bedzin he got I place and CAC Junior. Ariel was shown nice, at stake 9 bitches she got excellent opinion and II place

Junior Champion Poland Sopianae Imperator CEZAR

Our charlies was shown also with successes. Hope became Best of Breed, Brylant Rubinowy Skarb got CAC Junior. Etna Rubinowy Skarb made debut at this show in puppy class. Etna got very promising opinion and became Best Puppy.

Brylant Rubinowy Skarb - JCAC PL, Best Junior

Marjanienem Queen of Hopes - CAC PL, BOS, BOB

23 july 2007

At show in very hot Nowy Sacz our dogs showed perfectly and got two Best of Breed. In french buldogs Leos got CAC, BOS and BOB. Another buldogs showed also nice: Cezar - excellent and II place  and Ariel - excellent and III place


Leos Gold Vanka for Palevyh Buldogov - I place, CAC, BOS, Best of Breed

In charlies Best of breed  became Brylant Rubinowy Skarb. We showed also Hope, which got CAC and ended Poland Champion. Last charlie was Victor. He got very promising estimation and became best Puppy.

Othmese Celtic Victory - Best Puppy (from left), Brylant Rubinowy Skarb- CACJ, Best of Breed (in middle), Marjanienem Queen of Hopes - CAC, BOS (from right)

15 july  2007

At show in Kosice(Slovakia) our french buldog Leos got big success . In stake 29 french buldogs he got excellent opinion, I place, CAC and Best of Breed. We are very happy with him.


Our charlies also have successes .In junior class we showed Bloom and Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb. Both got I places and CAC Junior.

14 july 2007

We were first time at show in Romania. At show in Oradea in ruins old castle our Arsene de la Bacska was shown very nice. He got CAC, CACIB and became Best of Breed. Arsene became also Romania Champion. Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb got CAC Junior and became Junior Champion Romania. Another dogs also showed nice: Hope - CAC and Leos - res. CAC, res. CACIB.

From Oradea we went to night show in Debrecen (Hungary). In warm evening we showed 2 dogs. Hope got excellent opinion, I place and CAC and Leos - excellent opinion, II place.

8 july 2007

Our charlie - Arsene de la Bacska continued his career. At international dog show in Warsaw he got CAC, CACIB and became Best of Breed. Another charlies had also successes: Fela - CAC, CACIB and Bella - CAC Junior. Bella became also Junior Champion Poland. All charlies from our "B" litter became Junior Champion Poland and  Junior Champion Estonia!!!!

Our 10- months french buldog Ariel in stake 19 bitches got excellent opinion and II place. 


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