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1 july 2007

Best of Group

II place - Sopianae Imperator Cezar III place - Arsene de La Bacska

Cezar and Arsene - II and III place at Best of Group

Show in Ogre(Latvia) was ended with big success our dog - two Best of Breed, II and III place Best of Group !!!!!

Dog with biggest succes was 11-months french buldog - Cezar. He was judged by Petr Rehanek and got CAC Junior and became  Best of Breed. Later in finals Inese Pablaka he got II place Best of Group (Best of Group II). We are very happy with his success.


We are very pleased our Arsene de La Backa. Arsene got CAC and became Best of Breed and later Best of Group III. Two days, two shows in another countries and under different judges and two big successes Arsene: first day in Estonia - Best of Group IV, second day in Latvia - Best od Group III. Arsene ended also Latvia Champion and Baltic Champion.

Another dogs showed also very nice. In french buldogs Ariel - got CAC Junior and became Best Bitch.

In Charlies Hope got CAC and became Best Bitch. She ended also Latvia Champion. Bursztyn and Bloom got CAC Junior and  both became Junior Latvia Champion. Bloom became also Junior Baltic Champion.

30 june 2007

Arsene de La Bacska - Best of Group IV

This day was perfect for our King Charles - Arsene de La Bacska. At international dog show in Parnu(Estonia) he got CACIB and Best of Breed, later in final competitions IV place in Best of Group(Best of Group IV). He became also Inter Champion It's third interchampion this breed in our kennel.


Another charlies showed also very nice. Marjaniemen Queen of Hopes got CAC and CACIB, She became Estonia Champion.

In juniors Bella Rubinowy Skarb got CAC Junior.

In second breed our frenchies showed also nice. Ariel got CAC Junior, Cezar - excelent opinion and II place.


23 june  2007

At international dog show in Krakov(Poland) we showed with successes our King Charles. Fela got CAC, CACIB and became Best of Breed. Her daughter Brylant Rubinowy Skarb showed beautifully and received CAC Junior  Brylant ended Junior Champion Poland too. Delyth got CAC and res. CACIB.

Our french buldog Leos also showed very nice. He got excellent opinion and res. CACIB. His sons - Bartus Wyrwidab Bezowe Brzdace and Celt Rubinowy Skarb showed very nice. In stake 10 dogs in junior class  they got excellent opinions and Bartus - I place, CAC Junior and Best Junior, Celt - II place. Congratulations for owners !!

16 june  2007

At international dog show in Szczecin(Poland) we showed with successes our charlies and french buldogs. Our Ellissa got CAC, CACIB and became Best of Breed, Bella got Junior CAC.

French buldogs showed also good. We are much happy with Cezar, which got I place and Junior CAC. Another buldogs showed: Aria got excellent opinion and II place, Ariel - excellent opinion and III place. She got nice descriptions.

09-10 june 2007

Two club shows Cavalier and King happened in Prague(Czech). Judges were  well-known and valued at all the world breeder specialists from England - Sheila Waters (kennel Maibee) and Andreas Schemel (kennel Bentwood). At show there were reported  the first day 34 charlies, next day - 38. Our dogs appeared in the so numerous amounts excellently. We are most pleased with success bitch given birth to in our kennel - Brylant Rubinowy Skarb. She won with the heart both jurors and in the junior class filled most numerously (9 and 8 bitches) received I position and CAC Junior in both days. Brylant received from both judges also exquisite descriptions.

They appeared very prettily our remaining King Charles. Our Fela showed only one day in the champion class and I position, CAC and became the Winner of Special Show Cavalier and King 2007(Best Bitch).

We also showed Hope. She got in both days first places and CAC.

Arsene showed also  beautifully, who obtained first day - I position and CAC  in class champion, and second day II position and res. CAC (in the amount of 7 dogs).

Othmese Celtic Victory - our 5-months dog imported from England made debut beautifully. He received both days very promising estimations, and I positions and became Best Male Baby.

Very we are pleased that our dogs found recognition in specialists' eyes and we are very pleased with our success Charlies.

In final competitions "Children and dog" Mateusz was presented with his loved dog Victor first time.


03 june 2007

Celt Rubinowy Skarb  - 12 months french buldog from our kennel showed very nice at international dog show in Leszno. Celt got excellent opinion, CAC Junior and became Best of Breed. Congratulations for his owners and we wish more successes!

02-03 june 2007

Last weekend we spend in Estonia. Our dogs showed very nce at shows in Tallinn: international and specjal. The best dog was Vidor, which got CACIB, became Estonia Winner 2007 and Best of Breed, at second show he got CAC. Vidor ended Champion Estonia, and also qualified for Crufts 2008.


BOB - Vidor King de La Bacska; BOS - Lacy's Royal Jawel, judge -Diogo Ramalho (P)

Our "treasures" from litter B showed also very nice. First day at special show Brylant got CAC Junior. Next day at  international show  Bursztyn and  Bloom. got CAC Junior, qualified for Crufts 2008 and became Junior Estonia Winner 2007. They ended also Junior Champion Estonia. We are very happy with next successes our "treasures"

Brylant Rubinowy Skarb - CAC Junior, Best Junior Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb - CAC Junior, Junior Estonia Winner 2007, qualified for Crufts 2008, Best Junior Bloom Rubinowy Skarb - CAC Junior, Junior Estonia Winner 2007, qualified for Crufts 2008

13 may 2007

BELLA Rubinowy Skarb - Best Junior IX Group Krosno 2007

Our bitch Bella Rubinowy Skarb showed splendidly in Krosno. Judged by Boryczko received CAC Junior, later at finals judged by Redlicki became the most beautiful junior of the 9th group. We are very fortunate from her success!!! Our remaining King Charles  also showed beautifully. Fela received CAC and became best bitch.  Ellissa received AC.



We also showed our french bulldog - Cezar. Cezar received perfect estimation, I position and CAC Junior


The Leos' daughter Happy Herritage Krol Arlekin also made debut in puppy class. The small beauty received the very promising estimation, I position and became Best Puppy. We are congratulating to her owners.

12 may 2007

Our dogs showed beautifully in Alytus (Lithuania). Our bitch Bella Rubinowy Skarb obtained I place, CAC Junior and best of Breed. Our another bitches also showed nice: Delyth - CAC and  Fellis CAC, best bitch and became Champion of Lithuania
We also showed in puppy class  our french buldog - Ariel. Ariel received very promising estimation and became Best Puppy.

09 may 2007

Visit to the french kennel de La Bacska

We spent this day in the kennel de La Bacska. Huge thanks to Chagnard for the marvellous reception and the time spent pleasantly together. This visit will remain for a long time in our memory.  

08 may 2007

This day we visited beautiful Cornwall (England) and we did nice meeting in with owner of the Othmese kennel. To our kennel join new beautiful dog black and tan - Othmese Celtic Victory. We are thanking Raul and John for trusting and beautiful puppy.

06 may 2007

Brylant Rubinowy Skarb - Best Junior at Championnat de France

With our charlies we went for most prestigious French show - Championnat de France. This show happened this year in the  Montlucon. At show they showed up most beautiful french charlies from how many known kennels (among other things de Sorine, de Montdidier, de la Montagne Ensolellee, de la Rivieroise, des Trois Maillets). It was the wonderful experience for us  to see so many wonderful charlies  in the one place. We had the more emotion for the chance to show our charlies in the so wonderful stake, all the more Mme Sylvie Desserne was making the estimation - known and valued specialist of the breed. Our charlies they showed excellently. The best was Brylant Rubinowy Skarb. She received the perfect estimation  and I  position, but later in comparing with best dog she became the best junior. She received also exquisite description and qualificiation at Cruft 2008.

We are very fortunate from her success, all the more that it is first charlie given birth to in our kennel. Siblings were also shown to her splendidly: Bloom - excellent estimation,  the 2nd position and Bursztyn - excellent estimation, the 2nd position.
Our Fela also appeared splendidly in the open class, in 10 beautiful bitches' competition. She received the perfect estimation and the 3rd position.

Very we are pleased with the so wonderful debut our charlies in the french rings. It is country in continental Europe in whom population charlies is most numerous..

04 may 2007

Vidor King de La Bacska - VDH Europasieger 2007

Our charlies we showed at biggest german show in Dortmudzie. Beautiful dogs appeared from german kennels. Our Vidor, in excellent competition (among other things - vice world winner ) received CAC, CACIB and the VDH-Europasieger 2007 title. Vidor also became Champion of Germany. We are very proud from his success.

03 may 2007

Show in Bydgoszcz it is the next success of our Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb. He received Junior CAC and Best of Breed for the next time.

Two sons of our Leos were also shown excellently at show in Bydgoszcz - Bartus Wyrwidab Berzowe Brzdace and Celt Dolar Rubinowy Skarb. Both shown in junior class they received perfect estimations and they occupied two first positions (Bartus - I position, JCAC , Celt - 2nd position). Bartus he also became best junior. We are congratulating to their owners on success and we wish how much happiness in the rings

01 may 2007

Our dogs brought from the show in Dobre Miasto two best of breed. Our Leos became Best of Breed in french bulldogs. Caesar and Ariel also made debut prettily. Both puppies received very promising estimations and I positions, and Ariel also became Best Puppy.

Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb became Best of Breed in charlies. His sister Bloom also presented very well who received CAC Junior and also ended Junior Champion of Poland in this way. It is another "kid" from our first charlies' litter ("B" litter) with this title.

30 april 2007

We have just received the nice message. At international show in Ceske Budziejovice (Czech) - Boo Boo Zaragosa - son of our french bulldog Leos received perfect estimation, I position, CAC Junior and became Best of Breed in stake of 32 bulldogs. Jana, we are congratulating on success and we wish next!!!

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