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18 february 2007

We are very happy at show in Panavezys(Lithuania) for our "treasures" - Bloom Rubinowy Skarb and Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb. Both Charlies shown first time in junior class got excellent opinions, first places,  CAC Junior. Bursztyn became also Best of Breed. It's for us not only show success, but also breeding success, because Bursztyn and Bloom are first born charlies in our kennel .

BURSZTYN Rubinowy Skarb - I place, CAC Junior, Best Junior, Best of Breed

BLOOM Rubinowy Skarb - I place, CAC Junior

We show also in baby class - Ariel. She got very promising opinion and II place.

10 february 2007

Valentines' Show in Bydgoszcz gave us next success our dogs. Fela got CAC and became Best of Breed, Arsene got CAC  and ended Poland Champion.

In puppy class we show charlies from our kennel: Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb and Bloom Rubinowy Skarb. Both got nice descriptions, I place and Bursztyn became Best Puppy.

Twice success gotalso in french buldog. At show in Bydgoszcz was registered 45 french buldogs. Leos was judged by two judges. At first ring there were only french buldog males. At this ring Leos got CAC and became Best Dog. Later at second ring Leos became Best of Breed.

At this show Channel Rubinowy Skarb (bitch from our kennel) was shown first time. She was in puppy class and she won her class. Congratulations for owner !!!

20 january 2007

In late evening next King Charles puppies were born  in our kennel. Fortunate parents are Mandy and Vidor. 


17 january 2007

Boo-Boo Zaragosa, 10 month son our Leos, are already Junior Champion Slovenia. In last weekend Boo-Boo was shwon at 2xCACIB in Ljubljana(Slovenia). In both days Boo-Boo got  2 x CAC Junior and ended in this ways his first champion. We are very happy from his successes. Leos came true as the wonderful exhibition dog, but also as the reproducer giving beautiful offspring.

Leos Gold Vanka for Palevyh Buldogov Boo-Boo Zaragosa

14 january 2007

We began showing season 2007 in Olomoun (Czechia). Our dogs shown very well. Best dog was Hope, who got CAC and  Czech Winner. Hope ended also Junior Czech Champion.


Our another dogs got: Fela - CAC; Fellis - CAC and Vidor - res. CAC. We also shown first King Charles born in our home- Brylant Rubinowy Skarb and Bursztyn Rubinowy Skarb. Both puppies got in their classes very promissing opinions and first places. We are  happy from their first successes


We shown also french buldog - Leos. He got I place and CAC.

05 january 2007

We got new photos Arsene's childrens  - Royal Charly Princess Anette i  Royal Charly Prince Andrew.

01 january 2007

    Showing season 2006 we ended with very good results. Our dogs got:

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